Yesterday I met an old friend

I met a friend who did not know anything about this sordid mess. It was wonderful. Not that I don’t trust her, but I didn’t want to share because what is the point really? We had a few good laughs, shared some gossip about famous people. And she dropped me home.

It reminded me of the kindness of all the people who were there for me at my darkest hour.

1. A friend who offered to house me indefinitely till I figured it all out.

2. A friend who looked after my daughter when I had stuff to do.

3. A friend whose husband and brother cooked and looked after her kids and my daughter when she was out supporting me.

4. A friend who spoke to me on the phone constantly and prayed with me to give me strength.

5. A friend who took care of my daughter and supported me against the wishes of her own husband.

6. A friend who told me to go to a women’s organization for help and connected me to an awesome woman who gave me hope.

7. A friend who met me even though his own little one was terribly ill at the time, just to support me.

8. A friend who gave me so much practical and philosophical advice that helped me pull myself together.

9. A friend who cared enough to be there for me even though she was on a holiday with family.

This is in random order and I thank all my friends. And above all my brother who came to be with me to support me and to help me hope again.

I can never forget their kindness and their support in helping me find happiness. Because at the end of the day all I want is to be happy with my daughter. If she and I can share a few laughs, read a good book and go to bed hugging each other tight. That is a great day!

Here’s to many more great days! Love to all my friends and my incredibly supportive family.