Understanding the monster?

He sends me a mail saying ‘please understand me’ and wants to explain his behavior and that too by sending a song. What’s next — a mail forward?

A song with the word ‘stoner’ in it. He probably sent the mail when he was high or drunk or both.

I know that there are still so many lies and so many things he has not yet admitted. But, that shouldn’t affect me. If he felt he couldn’t talk to me then why is he trying to explain anything at all now. This is not healthy. I am going to shut out all these negative messages. There is no need for me to ‘understand’ why he is abusive. At this point, it is important to break away from him. and his substance abuse is not going to be my concern any more once I free my child from him.

I know we took vows and decided to be married but nobody should have to suffer such a life and no child should ever have to face abuse and neglect from a father.

In my ideal world such things wouldn’t happen. But, as everyone is so fond of reminding me, life isn’t perfect. I can only choose to stay away from him, his abuse, his drugs, his stoner songs, he is the loser here not me. He is the one who threw away my love and my daughter’s love on whores.

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