My experiences and my path to healing

It took me a long time to realize that I am in an abusive relationship and that the abuse is spilling over to my little one. I hope to overcome it one day at a time.

Please do not post any derogatory or negative responses on this blog. I am pouring out all the negativity so I can heal. If you can offer helpful suggestions to cope with all the stuff, that is great. If you want to share your experience that is also fine. But, don’t try to tell me, or anybody who comments, not to be a victim. No one chooses to be a victim of abuse. Over a period, you get used to the abuser and the abuse and you don’t find the strength to tell anyone or leave.

In my case, the trigger that gave me the courage of conviction that he was wrong and I was right to leave him was when he minimized the seriousness of the abuse he heaped on my little daughter. That gave me a big shock and made me realize what was in store for us if we continued to be with him. He feels no remorse or shame over his actions and behavior. But, this blog is about me. And how I am coping with all this.

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